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Wool Research Association is a research organization registered under the societies Act 1961. The Association is actively involved in R&D projects in the filed of technical textiles, environmental problems, functional finishes, coloration technology and advanced technologies like Plasma technology, Nanotechnology, Ultrasound or waste water treatment technologies and playing a major role in the overall sustainable development.

Wool Research Association has undertaken an R& D project on “Development of Color Matching Facility through internet for Small and Medium Dye Houses in the decentralized sector of the country”.

High cost, imported Computer Color Matching Systems (CCM) are used in the organized sector of the Indian textile industry. However, the cost of CCM system is very prohibitive as main components such as spectrophotometer and color matching software are very expensive for small and medium dye houses. Preparation of database requires a very good Lab facility. Most of the dyeing units in India are not equipped with good laboratory facilities and color technology experts are not available to handle the color technology problems. Taking this into consideration, WRA has taken this project which offers an on-line color matching facility affordable to medium and small scale dye houses.

Under this project WRA has been developing exhaustive database of wool and polyester dyestuff from selected dyestuff manufacturer. And users can use this database through internet for Quality control and Formulation.

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For those Textile companies in pursuit of controlled colouration and aspiring to maximizing Right First Time Dyeing, Praveen Colour Matching Software offers practical solutions of Shade Matching. The integrated colour matching software is user friendly and offers Quality Control, Recipe Prediction, Shade Correction, Shade Library, Shrewd Match, Primaries Database, Statistical Analysis and other facilities to fulfilling the requirements of the colorists.

This API in this website http://wracolourmatch.com is a cloud computing or Software as a Service ("SaaS") application of Praveen Colourscan Systems. It is a limited version with select features of Quality Control and Recipe Prediction and is dedicated to the prestigious Wool Research Association, Thane, Mumbai for use of their registered member mills only.

Praveen Colour Matching Software is established in leading mills of India including The Ruby Mills Ltd., Mumbai and Chenab Textile Mills (KK Birla group), Kathua, Jammu. It is exclusively authored and programmed by Mr. P.Ravichandran, an expert colourist with more than two decades of experience in the field of computer colour matching and who has to his credit 25 published papers mostly on colour. A Google search of "Colourage Ravichandran" reveals the listings.

The elaborate facilities to verifying primary data prior to storing, expressive and oversimplified screens, effective algorithms to impeccable predictions, elasticity of customization to individual requirements and turn key solutions to Shade Matching offered by Praveen Colourscan Systems form the core strength of the software.

• No jargons.

• No long routines to memorize.

• If the colourist is interested to correct off-Shades in just one stroke,we offer the solutions.

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